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This is your destination site for everything Ice Racing. We report on the craziest races known to man. We will tell you where and when, and how to enter. We will also offer our experiences on the frozen oval. This sport is from race fans for race fans. Light the fire and kick the tires, let’s get to racing!

For those of you new to Ice Racing, this is a sport for the strong. It consist of racing anything from stock cars to heavily modified motorcycles on a frozen lake or river for sport. We have seen everything from your standard your standard all wheel drive Subaru wagon to a heavily modified, tube framed, turbo fitted Jeep. This sport is usually found in higher altitude regions like Canada or Colorado for example. Sometimes you can find a miniature race on an ice hockey ring indoors, but that it limited to motorcycles or ATV’s.

In many cases, the track is a frozen lake and the courses can be a considerable size. They can be as simple as a standard American racing oval (hence the name of our site), or they can be set up with cones to incorporate a slew of simulated obstacles and more challenging maneuvers.

Most Ice Racing, like standard pavement racing, is broken up into different classes. There are classes for your standard stock car, and then usually a slightly modified class, and then a heavy modified class. In races where it is a timed trial, usually and sort of vehicle can participate such as motorcycles and snowmobiles. Some races have very specific classes that take it further depending on the type of tires you run. For example, your standard winter tire vs a heavily studded tire.

Now don’t think everyone that participates does not care about their safety. In heavily modified vehicles, and in some cases lightly modified vehicles, often contain roll cages. These events are usually heavily regulated and some sort of permit or racing license is required. Safety precautions like helmets and racing protection are always followed and usually there is some medical professionals on stand by in the event of accident or injury.

Motorcycle Ice Racing have motorcyclist racing in a counter clockwise direction around an oval track. These track are usually limited to just over a quarter of a mile. These motorcycles often have a stiffer frame, and an extended rear swing arm or rigid arm. Like mentioned above, these races are broken down into two classes, one for rubber tires and one for studded tires. The studded tires can be quite extreme with spike drilled into the tread that are over an inch long. In the stud-less class, the riders drift around the track in a controlled manner to navigate the course. These riders are really fun to watch.

Automobile Ice Racing has been popular abroad for many years but in the states they are becoming increasingly popular. Canada is a popular destination for this sport too with races like the Canadian Challenge. This annual race is the most notable Ice Racing event in North America. Alaska, Colorado, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New York, and Wisconsin have regular events and is a popular destination for recreational Ice Racing.

Whether you are a spectator, seasoned racer, or someone looking into having Ice Racing as a hobby, we will try and keep you up to date on the different aspects of the sport and where the action is at. The amazing thing about Ice Racing is that you get to go to these amazing winter wonderlands that are just truly majestic, and maybe get involved in other popular adrenaline infused winter sports. Whatever your taste, look to AroundTheOval for heart pounding fun!